silverERSI, is an environmental consulting company in the commodities refining industries servicing all imaging industries such as photography, micro-film, industrial x-ray, graphic arts printing, and all medical fields producing x-ray film.

ERSI, is a leader in providing specialized consulting of refining silver flake and sliver sludge’s from silver recovery columns and cartridges for all imaging industries including photography, graphic arts printing, medical x-ray, industrial x-ray, chiropractic, dental, screen printing, mirror manufacturing, circuit board manufacturing, plating and veterinary facilities.

ERSI provides access to a mail in program for all scrap gold, silver flake and silver sludge’s from businesses and individuals nationwide. This mail in program provides service to all 48 contiguous states including Alaska and Hawaii.

ERSI ensures your business will receive the highest monetary return from your refined commodities. Besides precious metals such as gold and silver, ERSI can also help you refine copper, aluminium, steel and other industrial metal alloys. Please call for an estimate.

ERSI ensures you will get top dollar from all your scrap film refining including but not limited to medical x-ray, industrial x-ray, veterinary x-ray, circuit board manufacturing, offset lithography printing and even screen printing. Please call for your free quote and compare.

HIPPA compliance is assured with all sensitive documents accompanying medical x-ray film. Sensitive material is picked up by a qualified driver. A signed receipt for the material will be provided. The material is securely locked in a transport vehicle and delivered to the processing facility where it will be destroyed and recycled. A certificate of destruction will be issued upon completion of work.

ERSI can help you recycle your single use cameras, otherwise known as disposable cameras or one time use cameras. Call for your free quote.

ERSI provides local on site environmental consulting for business. Care and attention is assured for an accurate evaluation of your facilities environmental compliance and commodity refining needs.

ERSI also provides precious metals bullion sales. ERSI can supply any business or individual with the sales of gold, silver, platinum and palladium in bars as large as 100 troy ounces to as small as 1 ounce coins.

ERSI has outstanding partnerships with industry related companies such as NDTMA (Nondestructive Testing Management Association) and Buffalo Imaging Photo Supplies. 

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